World War 1914-1945

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Gallery, 1870-1945

FP War - Gravelotte03

Gravelotte, German Infantry Attacking

FP War - Ger cavalry attacking French supply cv

German Cavalry Attacking French Supply Convoy

FP War - Metz 1870, streetfighting

Metz: French Troops Fighting Street-to-Street, House-to-House

FP War - Sedan 2 Sept 1870

Sedan, I: 2 September, 1870 – French Battleline along a Railroad Embankment

FP War - unknown

Sedan, II – German Infantry Storming an Outlying Village


FP War - Ger officers salute fr wounded, after Wissembourg

FP War - Bismarck and Nap III - color

Sedan, After the Battle: Napoleon III and Bismarck Discuss Current Events

FP War - Fr version

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